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Nov '18: AHAUSER HERBST Installation

Just shortly ago I had the enjoyable feat to install
a new media piece at "Ahauser Herbst", 3 days of cultural & art events
in a small village nearby, in the vicinity of Rotenburg, my base.
For the opening eve, I was invited to premiere my 2018 work

(1080p HD, TRT: 29:59, color, sound - trailer link: 90s)

a time-based montage about some personal life topics, like my
relationship to (living and gone) members of my family.
The piece was a mapping onto a traditional northern German
house gate - which was a cute environment for this - and
the projector housed on an antique wooden hand waggon.
VERY sweet!


The LensCulture Exposure Awards 2014 is an international competition that aims to discover and showcase the best photographers from all over the world. Entered competition with three Polaroid works. Here's one:

Dec. '20 - A DAY IN THE LIFE @ MSIFF Mumbai 2014

A DAY IN THE LIFE (mdh 2014, TRT: 03:52, color, sound by Tahiti80)
- selected for Mumbai Short Film International Festival -
Mumbai, India, screening 20th December 2014

 view movie on vimeo

WINS FIRST PRIZE "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" (click image to view on vimeo)

Looking out into the world around us, we see all these things - humans, 
buildings, rain & fire and all the evolutionary forces; somehow it seems as if we're all dancing together, to some kind of invisible rhythmic choreography.

This film (2014) spirals in scenes of my works, attempting to visualise some of the connections that continuously surface in front of my eyes and my heart...

Oct. '14 - ARTISTS FOR FREEDOM, Georgia

WAR HEAD (2012)

single channel, 1080p HD upright, color, audio, TRT: 03:28


WAR HEAD is a re-enactment of artist Bruce Conner's work "Bomb Head"; 
after having met this work online) i realized the discreet message "PEACE" 
and felt the urge to somehow 'complete' his vision by extending it into a 
time-based motion, in a specific complying technique. The film is being screened as part of ARTISTS FOR FREEDOM group show (curated by my friend Irina Gabiani) in the presidential Library of Tsibili, Georgia, on behalf of the war in neighboring Ukraine and similar recent aggressions.


Liron Kroll (UK), Kelly Monico (USA), Sonia Laura Armaniaco \\ aka svonica (Italy)
Ulf Kristiansen (Norway), Yuko Takemura (UK), Payam Mofidi (Iran & Canada)
Alysse Stepanian (USA), Michael Douglas Hawk (Germany)
(curated by Alysse Stepanian - 

Special thanks to Jonas Nilsson and Eva Olsson)


3 single channel video loops, (2012) TRT: 02:00’; 02:53, 
02:50 HD 720p color, no sound

May '14 TRANSBORDA, Portugal

Expanded Cinema and Vídeo Art International Screening
Curator: Alberto Guerreiro
Alcobaca Historic Center, Portugal
31st May (22h00) – 1st June (22h00), 2nd June (22h00) and 4th June (23h00

The show presents a selection of national and international works of strong visual and sound component including different genres that come from video essay to more ethereal and experimental works. The screening will include a continuous videographic program of great artistic value and impact. Overflow (Transborda) is part of an essential principle: expanding beyond the margins of everyday consciousness the pictorial expression of sentimental narratives utopias. Two prisms are in question: the image of writing or the writing of image? 

TRT: 2m49s, loop, HD1080p 16:9, black and white, audio
(©michaeldouglashawk 2010)

 The work accumulates spoken and typographic statements on an increasing contemporary 
technological speed and space out there which endangers us to be (partially or wholly) 
devoured, desperately seeking words or an expression for any kind of strategy of 
emotional recoverage.


(New Year’s Eve 2013)

Although I may seem to be finally turning into some spoilsport
with these lines of thought - i need to state here my opinion that a 
indepth/“true”/“serious”/major artistic attempt is NEVER as easy to 
apprehend as many people seem to assume - (No matter how much 
pecunial reserves, no matter how much good will (or straight positive 
energies),and no matter how much purely intellectual knowledge 
You might be in command of. Full stop.

Check it out, Mr. Checkov:
When looking into the quality of contemporary presentations in 
very many parts of the ‘Art scene’ or art business i encounter or reach - 
virtually, in international medias online, via FaceBook or via Art channels 
like Art Review et al, or at physical visits to exhibition spaces 
from (most often)galleries to public places in Germany but also at int’l 
art fairs (like Art Basel, AB Miami), I feel much haunted by that impression,
that I’m very much moving just like I’m inside a stylish Hypermarket;
amassed (as hauntedly looking) fellow visitors chasing by - of course
w/o noticing me or other people around them anymore), trying to focus
on samples of an overload of exhibited pieces, in an abstract, maybe
holy halogen or business-like neon light coming down from the ceiling.

Is it just triggered by that archaic humane trait to gather socially where 
news and and/or higher truths are called upon and/or promised to be taught..?
Is it a ritualism embedded in our genetic skeleton, that subordinates us 
hereto, a fear of being left behind (the tribe) destined to starve or to die 
of thirst..? If so, WHAT thirst?

What may humans look for when they go to see art, these recent days
… plain excitement or just a cultural a pastime? A piece for interior (or 
exterior) decoration or maybe just a present? 
Is he/she looking for answers? Or Questions maybe?
More important, perhaps: what are contemporary artists working at to find 
out in their work and show as results…answers? Or questions?

Being an artist myself, i am sure that the main traditional role of art, namely
serving as an altar - for believers to congregate in front of and to fulfill their 
learned service, is over.
Neither does it seem sufficient to me, to have - either original (hand-crafted)
- workpieces, or digitally generated (mono-directional or interactive) works,
or even terribly perfect appearing copies of post modern or earlier masters
hanging on your wall.
Art has to assist in taking the curator/viewer/collector beyond pure traditional
status development. It rather, by discreet qualities inherent, is predestinated
for serving as a guiding light in these times of consumer’s ethic darkness…


(Research 2B continued.)

Oct '14 MusicPoetryMotion

RECREATION - 2:50s, orig.: 3 loops 720p, color, no audio 
(©michaeldouglashawk 2008-2012)

Gislaveds konsthall - Gislaveds, Sweden 
August 30 - October 5, 2014  

video art curated by Alysse Stepanian
by invitation for the Global Art & Moving Images Awards
October/November 2013. 
Kelly Monico (USA), Liron Kroll (UK)
Michael Douglas Hawk (Germany)
Payam Mofidi and Ila Firouzabadi (Iran & Canada)
Sonia Laura Armaniaco \\ aka svonica (Italy)
Ulf Kristiansen (Norway), Yuko Takemura (UK)

Feb 2013 - New: still work ICICLES

Gallery simulation of this year's quadruptychon work ICICLES.
It's a high resolution print panoramic on four wood boards, from a series of hi-res DSLR shots, taken
in Winter 2012/13 by the banks of local Wümme river, here in Lower Saxony, near Rotenburg.
This assemblage refers to the rhythmic character of evolutionary phenomena; in the true sense, a 'still, frozen'
like a drawing of (or from) the river's waters former motion; which will be re-entering movement
as soon as the crystal molecular structure will melt (back) in to the flow of the river's waters...

This work is for sale.
original measurements: 4x 80x60cm (= 320cm x 60)

May 17.'13 Volkshochschule Rotenburg (Ger)

Medien-Reisebericht des Rotenburger Künstlers Michael Douglas Hawk  
über sein globales Installationsprojekt 

Vortrag / Lecture @ Volkshochschule Rotenburg

Seit den Anfängen wissenschaftlicher Forschung im Westen aber ebensolcher im Fernen Osten sucht der Mensch nach den Grundkräften in der Natur - teilweise mit wissenschaftlicher Disziplin, teils mit der Erforschung alter Überlieferungen, aus philosophischen Texten und mit spirituellen Methodiken, um der Natur der Dinge und damit auch unserer menschlichen Natur, als ihr Bestandteil - auf die Spur zu kommen.nWAS macht unsere Welt aus - Was hält sie, wie Goethe schon  formulierte, "im Innersten zusammen"..?
Der Rotenburger Medienkünstler und Photograph Michael Douglas Hawk (der am Turm der hiesigen Stadtkirche 2010 bereits seine große öffentliche Videoinstallation TRANS-FORMATION im Rahmen des “Diesseits-Jenseits”-Kultur- und Kunstprojektes installierte) reiste 2007, als Artnomade, in vierzig Tagen einmal um die ganze Welt, um an 5 Orten auf verschiedenen Kontinenten, Prozesse der Elemente ERDE, FEUER, WASSER, LUFT und RAUM aufzuzeichnen. Es werden - neben einer Einführung zum Projekt, Reisebilder und High-Definition-Videos mit fast bis zum Bildstillstand gehender Verlangsamung dokumentierter Natur-Prozesse präsentiert. Als künstlerisches Ergebnis der Arbeiten des Projektes soll eine begehbare Medien-Installation mit fünf Projektionen entstehen. Es gibt für Sponsoren, gerne auch aus der regionalen Wirtschaft oder der Kultur, bei Interesse Möglichkeiten für eine Beteiligung am künstlerischen Projekt.

The number four is sacred to many Native Americans. There are four sacred mountains, four directions, four sacred plants, and four times of day (Griffin-Pierce 1992a:70). Attempts to create new things are usually unsuccessful the first three times but are successful the fourth time (Griffin-Pierce 1992a:67). Time and space are defined by the four cardinal light phenomena: Dawn (white, east); Midday (blue, south); Evening Twilight (yellow, west), and Night (black, north). (Griffin-Pierce 1992b:123). Griffin-Pierce explains this in more detail:

The four cardinal light phenomena are results of the sun’s apparent daily motion. These phenomena are a composite of the four directions, the four times of day, and the four sacred colors linked with them. A Navajo does not think of the east without envisioning hayoo[k11[, Dawn, and the white color of the sky at this time of day. Next is nahodeet['iizh, which is usually glossed as “horizon blue” or “blue haze” in reference to the band of relatively darker blue that lies on the horizon at midday; this light is associated with the south. Nahootsoii follows and literally means “around the area becomes yellow,” although this word is usually translated as “evening twilight”; it is linked to the west. Finally, chaha[heel, darkness, is associated with the north and with the blackness of the night sky (Griffin-Pierce 1992a:88).
The Navajo believe that the four directions are alive, places where sacred things happen. Tribal elder Avery Denny is currently using string games to teach children about the significance of the four directions and the four cardinal light phenomena. Four string games, each representing a constellation, star, or planet, are used as mnemonic devices that facilitate the recall of concepts that are essential for correct living (Denny 1996):
East Direction: S='tsoh (Great Divine Star, Big Star):
• Symbolic of Nits1h1 kees (Positive Thinking).
• Nits1h1 kees is associated with the development of concentration and the senses.
South Direction: Dily4h4 (The Pleiades or Seven Sisters):
• Symbolic of Nah1ta' (Planning).
• Nah1ta' is associated with organization, communication, comprehension, and the planting of seeds.
West Direction: S='[1n7 (Cluster of Stars, Many Stars, Galaxy):
• Symbolic of Iin1 (Life).
• Iin1 is associated with clan system, kinship, social development, and life cycles.
North Direction: S='bidee'7 (Horned Star, Comet):
• Symbolic of Siihasin (Spirituality, Hope, Strength).
• Siihasin is associated with the natural order, sacred songs, prayers, ceremonies, and protection.