May '14 TRANSBORDA, Portugal

Expanded Cinema and Vídeo Art International Screening
Curator: Alberto Guerreiro
Alcobaca Historic Center, Portugal
31st May (22h00) – 1st June (22h00), 2nd June (22h00) and 4th June (23h00

The show presents a selection of national and international works of strong visual and sound component including different genres that come from video essay to more ethereal and experimental works. The screening will include a continuous videographic program of great artistic value and impact. Overflow (Transborda) is part of an essential principle: expanding beyond the margins of everyday consciousness the pictorial expression of sentimental narratives utopias. Two prisms are in question: the image of writing or the writing of image? 

TRT: 2m49s, loop, HD1080p 16:9, black and white, audio
(©michaeldouglashawk 2010)

 The work accumulates spoken and typographic statements on an increasing contemporary 
technological speed and space out there which endangers us to be (partially or wholly) 
devoured, desperately seeking words or an expression for any kind of strategy of 
emotional recoverage.


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