universal lingo

universal lingo
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WAR HEAD (2012)
single panel Digital video (TRT 02:59, upright), 

original dimensions 599 x 1066p, color, audio

WAR HEAD is a visionary, time based re-enactment of artist Bruce Conner's
work "Bomb Head"; after having met this work online) i realized the inert message
"PEACE" and felt the urge to somehow 'complete' his vision by extending it into a time-based
work, in my specific technique. There is a discreet momentum of a Punch-and-Judy
performative to be noticed within, which are ironocally referring to theatrical attitudes
of players involved politics on a global contemporary nuclear threat level.

sep.15-18.'12: SGUARDI SONORI, Ancona, Italy

HOMO LUCIDE - The Enlightened Man (2011)
single panel HD, color, audio, TRT: 02m:25s, color, sound
This time based work reflects a human research on identity, caught juxtaposed between 
ego strategies and a basic fear of inferiority towards the creation and it's basic outlines, 
like organic mortality - contradicting an infinity of time and space.

In the work's center is a close-up depiction of a crucified man (Jesus of Nazareth), the 
cross almost non-visible and he is hanging upside-down. In the event of the work, he is penetrated by accumulating lights,seemingly evolving out of his body proper 
until he disappears entirely. 
The scene refers to the handed outcry "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"(Marcus 15,34); where Jesus continues: "My heart is like wax, it is melted within me" 
To me this reflects the moment of desperation, similar to the existencialist world view
of man being rudely cast into this world. HOMO LUCIDE is
visualizing the underlying processuality of creation, transforming the human representation(body) into a refined universal energetic state: "Beam me up, Scotty." Curator: Carlo Fatigoni