'MoonTalk' winner "Experimental Short" - 2022/23 San Diego Movie Awards

Lizet Benrey and I
are stunned and so proud to share
the news of our project's first win
@ sandiegomovieawards 2022/23.

The utterly talented actor/writer/producer
and I were working full year thru covid pandemic
virtually connected between San Diego, California
and Rotenburg in Germany.

What a ride - thank you all
who contributed to the MoonTalk journey!

Director Michael Hawk Writers Lizet Benrey & Michael Hawk Starring Lizet Benrey & Michael Hawk Gizón the poet -inspired by the voice of the moon- takes us on a mysterious journey as he meets his final challenge: he must let go of time and space to be reunited with Zena, the love of his life. 

> with the moon rising > our lights
 > ignite
 > one another  > the river current flowing by
> dark and black
 > our thoughts
 > giving in to the elementary
  > and our fears, fight
ing > like armies @night. > I don't know
 > how long we’d last
 > but my heart was yours,  > from the very first moment > and still is. > and almost everything went wrong: > the roses are here
 > like you are there
 > and I > far away > with me. > half past two 
> the night so quiet
 > except for the wind > I wish my heart > I’d find again. > when we shared that space > so close to LOVE
> and yet so far - like NEVER BEFORE  > with feelings of a vacuum >> the astronaut -
> back in orbit, home again > looks down, out
 > and cries 
> stars
 > for  
> you.


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