(New Year’s Eve 2013)

Although I may seem to be finally turning into some spoilsport
with these lines of thought - i need to state here my opinion that a 
indepth/“true”/“serious”/major artistic attempt is NEVER as easy to 
apprehend as many people seem to assume - (No matter how much 
pecunial reserves, no matter how much good will (or straight positive 
energies),and no matter how much purely intellectual knowledge 
You might be in command of. Full stop.

Check it out, Mr. Checkov:
When looking into the quality of contemporary presentations in 
very many parts of the ‘Art scene’ or art business i encounter or reach - 
virtually, in international medias online, via FaceBook or via Art channels 
like Art Review et al, or at physical visits to exhibition spaces 
from (most often)galleries to public places in Germany but also at int’l 
art fairs (like Art Basel, AB Miami), I feel much haunted by that impression,
that I’m very much moving just like I’m inside a stylish Hypermarket;
amassed (as hauntedly looking) fellow visitors chasing by - of course
w/o noticing me or other people around them anymore), trying to focus
on samples of an overload of exhibited pieces, in an abstract, maybe
holy halogen or business-like neon light coming down from the ceiling.

Is it just triggered by that archaic humane trait to gather socially where 
news and and/or higher truths are called upon and/or promised to be taught..?
Is it a ritualism embedded in our genetic skeleton, that subordinates us 
hereto, a fear of being left behind (the tribe) destined to starve or to die 
of thirst..? If so, WHAT thirst?

What may humans look for when they go to see art, these recent days
… plain excitement or just a cultural a pastime? A piece for interior (or 
exterior) decoration or maybe just a present? 
Is he/she looking for answers? Or Questions maybe?
More important, perhaps: what are contemporary artists working at to find 
out in their work and show as results…answers? Or questions?

Being an artist myself, i am sure that the main traditional role of art, namely
serving as an altar - for believers to congregate in front of and to fulfill their 
learned service, is over.
Neither does it seem sufficient to me, to have - either original (hand-crafted)
- workpieces, or digitally generated (mono-directional or interactive) works,
or even terribly perfect appearing copies of post modern or earlier masters
hanging on your wall.
Art has to assist in taking the curator/viewer/collector beyond pure traditional
status development. It rather, by discreet qualities inherent, is predestinated
for serving as a guiding light in these times of consumer’s ethic darkness…


(Research 2B continued.)


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