Oct. `21 Moontalk Mysteries - art short

                                                           MOONTALK MYSTERIES 

                                                    Short art film drama with Lizet Benrey

Zena - A Czech Woman and Gizon, a Basque Man, live thru an unexpected story.

The Cycle of Love with The Cycle of the moon and Seasons. 

TIME IS NOT LINEAR. The Past becomes the future The future the past the present is. 

Reverse footage in the present to represent the past and future.

Seems impossible to touch or be together. Reality Cities, The future destroyed the past. 

Words Wants & Voices. Apart Pain Missing Longing Wanting Void Physical Time,

Needing Becoming Suffering Separation Loneliness Anxiety Fear Solitude End Destruction

Death of a love.

NIGHT UNDER FULL MOON All is silence everything stops.

Time does not exist only NOW exists being in the being. 

Mediation feel, being inside the body. Heart beat sound all is waiting floating suspended in time. 

A feeling of THE END of Death. COMPLETE SILENCE...

Peace in every language rolls over as background for the credits.


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